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Mystery Surrounds Gar-Like Fish Caught in China

A sharp-toothed fish looking everything like every gar you ever saw was caught in southern China where it’s never been seen before.

A fisherman near Jiangmen in China’s southern Guangdong Province caught a fish that he’s never seen in 20 years of fishing the area.

The gar-like fish was pulled from the water by a man named Liang who was fishing with friends in the Xi River, a tributary of the larger Pearl River. The fish, which measured just over two feet long, has the typical green color and white under-belly of a gar, not to mention a mouthful of teeth that would make any dentist proud.


Since gar are not native to China, it’s believed that the fish was probably introduced by another person or persons and is either a newly invasive species or a once in a lifetime catch.


The 75-centimeter, or 39-inch, fish looked perfectly healthy. The fisherman, Liang, said that while they thought about selling it to the local fish market he was going to wait to see if it was indeed a rare species.


Since it looks to certainly be some type of gar (gar-pike to some) this little toothy critter would be a long way from its native home range. In fact many North Americans will right away say that it looks like any alligator gar that they’ve ever seen, though that species can grow to massive size.

While this Chinese fisherman and his friends have never seen anything like it before, they are hoping that fishery experts can shed some light on this interesting and rare catch.

All photos via Yahoo



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Mystery Surrounds Gar-Like Fish Caught in China