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Mystery Creature Washes Up On Shore in California [VIDEO]

Don’t look now, but another mystery creature has been found washed up on a beach.

A flippered and fanged dinosaur-like mystery creature has washed up on the shoreline of California. As of today, there is no definitive proof as to what the creature actually is, but scientific analysis is on the way.

The mystery creature sort of resembles a badger-dog-rat hybrid creature. Of course, when there is no hair and some decomposition has started to settle in, a common animal can be mistaken for just about anything.

You be the judge.

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Okay, so you watched the video and you saw the pictures. What the heck is it?

Some people thought it was definitely a dinosaur. Others thought it was a dog or a bear.

I would put my bets on a washed up bear. Pretty freaky, though. I wouldn’t want that swimming underneath me.

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Mystery Creature Washes Up On Shore in California [VIDEO]