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Mysterious Face Carved in Canadian Hills Finally Found [VIDEO]

A distinctive face carved into a cliff is rediscovered and holds a special meaning to the man who found it.

After a two-year search, a man named Hank Gus has rediscovered a mysterious face that is carved into the side of a Canadian cliff. The face was originally discovered in 2008 by a kayaker exploring the Broken Group Islands. Located on Reeks Island, the face is estimated to be seven feet tall.

The face means more to Gus than simply a coincidental face carved into the mountain. Gus is part of the Tseshaht First Nation, which is an aboriginal group located in the area. The face resembles a carving Gus sees almost everyday and has a certain meaning connected to the Tseshahts.

The face Gus says the carving resembles is said to share the tradition of their ancestors with others and keeps the culture alive in today’s society, which makes the cliff face special to the Tseshaht First Nation.

Whether the face is manmade or natural, Gus says it doesn’t matter. He says the face is something unique and fun that he and the locals will be able to share with others who visit the area.

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Mysterious Face Carved in Canadian Hills Finally Found [VIDEO]