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Why My Hunting Rifle is My Best Friend

A hunting rifle is man’s real best friend.

Some would say that a dog is man’s best friend, but others would argue that the hunting rifle far outweighs anything and everything.KCHO-mrec

The difference between a dog and a hunting rifle is that one will last a lifetime with quality care and upkeep, while the other will only last a dog’s life, which typically depends on the size of the dog. An average Labrador Retriever will last approximately 11 years, while a .270 Winchester could last a lifetime from generation to generation.

Guns are like an inheritance, they can be passed down through multiple generations with proper upkeep and love. It’s almost impossible to replace a gun that’s bored and sighted to the owner; a dog can be replaced and retrained to provide proper companionship for its owner.

My .270 Winchester with a Leopold scope has been my best friend since childhood. While I have had many exceptional dogs in my life, my rifle has never been replaced. My father, who was raised in a farming and hunting community, cared for his belongings like they were his last prized possessions.

His father, who was an avid hunter, outdoorsman, and farmer alike, handed his guns down after caring for them with dutiful respect to his son, my father. Their respect has equaled my inheritance of my best lifelong friend, my .270 Winchester and Leopold scope.

This gun has traveled many miles and has never let me down to this day. Not only has it provided three generations with food on the table, it will continue to provide for my family in generations to come and allow for them to maintain and use it for the purpose of providing for their families.

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As much as I love the companionship of my dogs, both present and past, I can honestly say that my rifle cannot be outdone.

If you want to love both your hunting rifle and dog, take your dog on a hunting trip and share the love between the two.


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Why My Hunting Rifle is My Best Friend