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Survival Lilly Dumps Her Bag to Show Campers Her Kit

Survival Lilly shows YouTubers what's in her kit for 2016.

Lilly gives a much different perspective when it comes to hiking and camping. She carries all of her gear on her back. Granted she is of smaller stature so she packs very light. There is some merit to her gear as she packs light and durable for long distances.

Her tent and sleeping bag weigh next to nothing. She carries food, cutting tools, and fire starter equipment. Most of her gear is european but she does incorporate some American Made gear.

Water filtration is a big part of camping deep in the forest. Lilly even keeps a pot handy so that she can cook simple food. Flashlights are definitely a premium when your deep in the forest. Lilly packs three including one headlamp that throws out 750 lumens.

Extra clothes and a mosquito net are important so that Lilly can sleep without being disturbed by the flying critters. Lilly's food choices were dry items like rice, pasta, and potatoes. She keeps her food dry and simple so that she can use water and her pot to cook. Considering that the food stays good for about a week, Lilly can keep moving, as the carbs will give her energy.

This seems like a pretty good kit to have together. Everyone has different needs for their out door adventures. Use this as a guide if you don't have one or are thinking about making any changes to the camping list you already have.


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Survival Lilly Dumps Her Bag to Show Campers Her Kit