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Muzzleloading Hunting Like the Frontiersman Did

Frontiersmen hunt

Watch these frontiersmen hunt a deer with a flintlock muzzleloader.

Many years ago the frontiersman hunted deer and lived off the land. The tradition of hunting deer has been passed down through the generations. Although it is much easier to be successful with the tools at our disposal today, many continue to hunt with muzzleloaders.

Watch as these frontiersmen hunt deer just as they did in years gone by.

If you are interested in trying to hunt deer with a muzzleloader, do a little research and see if there is a gun club in your area that hosts muzzleloader events. Get out and get involved.

From what I have heard, you will be surprised at the accuracy of muzzleloaders.


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Muzzleloading Hunting Like the Frontiersman Did