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Mutant Fish Are Real and They Live in Russia

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Mutant fish are a real thing. Here’s the proof. 

The Kama River, in central Russia’s Udmurt Republic, has given up what many locals are calling a mutant fish. A few locals using worms for bait caught this crazy looking thing and they just weren’t sure what to make of it.

As seen below, it definitely looks like something out of a scary movie. Only in Russia would you expect to see something like this.


Experts were quick to throw out guesses on what they thought this fish could be, but there has been no clear answer to date. According to most reports, the going conclusion is that this fish is a variant of the Amur sleeper fish.

There is a large population of these fish in rivers nearby. However, speculation that this fish is a mutant has been rampant.


As of now, the going mutant fish theory is that it is some mutant piranha or even a mutant eel. Considering this fish is only eight inches long, they don’t really know if this is an adult or a juvenile of whatever it is.

So what do you think? Perhaps this thing will eventually be revealed as a known species of fish, but in the meantime, we are sticking with it being a mutant. As it was stated above, something like this could only come from Russia…



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Mutant Fish Are Real and They Live in Russia