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Must See: This Suppressed Marlin 1894 is a Thing of Beauty

Ever thought you’d live to see a suppressed Marlin 1894?

The Marlin 1894 chambered in 357 Mag is a phenomenal personal defense rifle. Trusted for well over 100 years, this lever action is by no means a beginner.

The suppressor feature on a lever action is really a first. Purely customized for an invidivual shooter I’m sure he’s ready to see what the rifle has to offer. I noticed that the rifle had both a red dot sight and a fiber optic front sight (red in color) and a large ghost ring on the rear sight.

The custom cerakoting definitely was a big improvement on the rifle platform. Great aesthetics were definitely part of the order. I did notice that the rifle had a black and gray Color scheme on the chamber portion of the rifle. The wood furniture was kept intact and looks very traditional.

The upgraded rail that allows for picket any accessories is a perfect addition or the lever action as you definitely want to have a wider view through an optic to take your shot. When hunting the lighting is not often optimal especially in dusk conditions and therefore a fiber optic front sight post may not be the most beneficial. This particular rifle seems to have been paired with an Aimpoint, red dot optic.

I also would like to see how many rounds are now able to fit in the feed tube as the feed tube was reduced in size to be shortened. Traditionally the Marlin 1894 can hold about nine rounds of .357 magnum rounds. The rifle is also paired with the big loop lever to allow for shooting with gloves as they will not get stuck in the thinner profile of the lever.

The addition of the suppressor can, and the shorter barrel makes this a very difficult rifle to get for most shooters. The BATF will charge a large fee and will take approximately 6 months for any approval of the purchase of this particular type of rifle. However if you are willing to go and fill out the proper paperwork and are not in a restrictive state like California or New York you too can own a weapon like this.


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Must See: This Suppressed Marlin 1894 is a Thing of Beauty