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4 Must-Have Items for Your Waterfowl Dog

Have a look at these four must have items for your waterfowl dog from Cabela’s.

This short list of must have items for your waterfowl dog are all about safety, comfort and efficiency. For the avid duck hunter you will want to line these up soon before the season begins to make your retriever even better in the duck blind or boat. These items will protect your hunting buddy from the elements and allow for longer hunting sessions.

1. Cabela’s 5mm Neoprene Flotation Dog Vest with Armor-Flex Chest Protector

Cabelas Neoprene vest

This is a must have when the temperatures drop and the water cools down. Dogs, like us, can get hypothermia even though they have a thick coat, especially when it is very cold and the wind is up.

A quality neoprene vest will keep up their core temperature and also provides extra flotation cutting down on fatigue for your hunting buddy. This Cabela’s vest also goes one step further and provides chest protection from sharp sticks and objects that lie just under the water or in the field.

2. Ruff Tough Large Kennel

Ruff Tough Kennel
Rough Tough Large Kennel

If you don’t have a kennel yet for your truck or SUV now is the time to get one. It is going to keep your retriever warm and safe when in transit and will provide that crucial resting place once the hunt is done.

The bonus is that you will also cut down on the mess inside your vehicle when you have a quality kennel handy. The Ruff Tough Kennel was designed by outfitters and trainers and is made of heavy duty materials that will last. It is also easy to clean and comes with a robust warranty package.

3. Mud River Dixie Insulated Kennel Cover

Insulated Kennel cover
Mud River Dixie Insulated Kennel Cover

With that quality kennel you are going to want to add that extra level of comfort and safety with a insulated kennel cover. When those temperatures start to drop, like they do when the best migration is on, have that kennel ready to receive your dog after a hard morning hunt.

Made out of tough denier polyester with a water resistant insulation this is going to provide years of protection. Add that with roll-up windows if ventilation is needed and it comes in a variety of sizes to fit your portable kennel.

4. Cabela’s Northern Flight™ Dog Crate Blind

Dog Blind
Cabela’s Northern Flight™ Dog Crate Blind

I was introduced to this when goose hunting with a guide. This not only provides comfort for your dog in the field or in the blind but also covers the dog movement so as not to spook those wary ducks or geese.

It also is great as it provides a natural control measure for your retriever, keeping it steady and contained when shots are fired, allowing you to release it on command. Finally, it also provides increased comfort keeping the dog out of the elements in between those retrieves.

There you have it, items that will make your retriever more comfortable and keep him or her at peak efficiency during and after the hunt, even when the weather turns nasty and cold. Add these to your list now and be prepared for this Fall’s migration.


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4 Must-Have Items for Your Waterfowl Dog