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Muskrats and Beavers are Shacking Up Now? [VIDEO]

It’s true! Muskrats and beavers are using the same lodge and sharing housekeeping duties.

The original school of thought was that muskrats were just freeloaders that took up residence in a beaver lodge out of opportunity or just sheer laziness.

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Now there’s proof that not only do they live together, but they do so in harmony. Good will extends to the animal kingdom, and here’s how:


Muskrats belong to the family Cricetidae which includes lemmings, voles, and even mice. They are smaller than beavers but generally occupy the same habitat. Beavers are known as one of the largest rodents in the world, second only to the South American capybara.

Though muskrats are generally regarded as squatters in a beaver lodge, new footage reveals that they will help maintain and share the lodge with the beavers that built it.

Now that they’ve been shown making repairs to the lodge, muskrats and beavers may well be the new odd couple and living together the new norm.

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Muskrats and Beavers are Shacking Up Now? [VIDEO]