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Muskox Charges Way Too Close for Comfort [VIDEO]


Watch as a muskox charges a cameraman in this intense video footage.

Muskox are not to be trifled with. They are big, they are mean, and it doesn’t take much to make one charge.

With all that considered, the cameraman’s reaction in this video is no surprise at all.

The muskox charges with impressive acceleration. The cameraman definitely would not have been able to outrun the muskox. Luckily, the yell that the cameraman let out got the muskox to stop in its tracks.

That’s a good thing for him, too. All you need to do is watch one second of the video below to know why.

Male muskox can stand five feet at the shoulder and stretch to lengths approaching eight feet. They can tip the scales at up to 900 pounds and reach speeds upwards of 35 miles per hour. They also happen to have sharp horns and hooves that pack a punch.

The bottom line here is that muskox are dangerous and you should keep your distance. However, they are also beautiful and fascinating creatures worthy of any hunter’s bucket list.

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Muskox Charges Way Too Close for Comfort [VIDEO]