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This is the Land of Muskies Galore in Lake of the Woods

If you like seeing muskies being caught, then this video is for you. This is all muskellunge, all of the time here.

These guys kick things off with the biggest muskie of the entire video. What a brute! Then, it's one hook-up after the other, as they land muskies caught off of boatside figure 8's and away from the boat.

In the seven-plus minute video a total of five muskies are caught. The last one is a beauty too, with gorgeous markings.

And here's part two of the series of 2016 Lake of the Woods muskies being caught. This video shows six big fish coming to the boat.

"Another 50 incher!" he says.

These folks appear to be throwing spinners, specifically Big Tooth spinners. Whatever their doing they seem to be doing it right.

Lake of the Woods is a big fish water, and it's certainly living up to its reputation in these videos.

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This is the Land of Muskies Galore in Lake of the Woods