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Muskegon Resident Reels in Prize Pike


A Muskegon resident recently landed a prize pike while early-morning fishing on the Muskegon River.

Chris Harpster snagged a prize pike weighting over 20 pounds and measuring 43 inches while fishing with friends on the Muskegon River.

Joined by Nick Faino and Brock Bowcamp, Harpster took to the Muskegon river at 8:30 a.m. and fought the prize pike for 30 minutes from a kayak, before reeling it in.

Harpster was looking to bag a monster in the river, he told reporters, “I did really good last year on the river for pike,” he said. “I caught a couple that were just pushing 40 inches, but this one’s stomach was so full. It made him weigh pretty big.”

Harpster occasionally keeps the fish for meat, but he threw this one back wanting it to grow, giving another fisherman a chance to catch it.

The Muskegon area is seeing colder temperature currently, but the warming trend of early December has resulted in less frozen lakes. These conditions give ample opportunity for premium Muskegon prize pike fishing.

Bill Funk of Shoreline Service Bait and Tackle in Muskegon told reporters the latest trend has been perch fishing by boat. Funk spoke of “average perch” on western Muskegon Lake and walleyes on the east side of Muskegon Lake Channel, which drains into Lake Michigan.

With ice fishing opportunities coming soon, Funk will seek out perch, pike, and walleye in North Muskegon. Muskegon State Park is likely to offer prosperous ice fishing opportunities as well. Fisherman can find bluegill, perch, and those elusive prize pikes in these areas, Funk told reporters.

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Muskegon Resident Reels in Prize Pike