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Multinational Fishing in India Could be a Game-Changer


The Central Government has invited nations around the world to go fishing in India, and it could change the future of multinational fishing. 

The Central Government has decided to invite multinationals to go fishing in India and its nearby waters, a move that could be influential for the future of international fishing.

This move comes as large stocks of tuna and other related species of fish are reportedly making their way past Indian waters into nearby fishing communities such as Maldives, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

The government hopes the invited multinational corporations will tap into the stock, before other nations get the chance, and benefit the Indian economy. Once the rules and regulations are determined for these nations to go fishing in India, officials hope there will be no negative effect in Indian fishing communities due to overfishing.

The catch potential is high and these foreign companies were invited because the fish industry in India is in sync with the Narendra Modi government’s aim to draw more business to the region from other countries.

Concerns about the depletion of the stocks of fish and the potential by the foreign companies to cripple the Indian fishing communities has made many weary about the invitation.

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Multinational Fishing in India Could be a Game-Changer