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Mullet Fish Feeding Frenzy on GoPro [VIDEO]

Watch this school of mullet fish take the bait in this GoPro video. 

Thanks to a baited hook, this school of mullet fish gets up close and personal during a feeding frenzy.

The GoPro is attached to the bait and remains stationary at first, but this school of mullet fish aren’t camera-shy for long and have little regard for the fisherman or his recording device.

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This pack of mullet fish was initially shy, but at one point they nearly dragged the GoPro off into the sea. They must have been pretty hungry.

After all that, it’s surprising one didn’t get hooked. They certainly are crafty little devils.

Mullet fish, also known as grey mullets, are found worldwide in coastal temperate and tropical waters.

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Mullet Fish Feeding Frenzy on GoPro [VIDEO]