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Mule Deer Shot on the Run With “Timber Pounding” Technique [VIDEO]

There’s nothing like saying you’re officially tagged out, and luckily the hunters in this video got it on camera. 

Travis Schneider was out on the last week of the season a couple of years ago, trying to fill his deer tag.

Filmed by his hunting partner Tom, this hunt comes to a dramatic ending as the deer gets shot on the run.

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We all know how hard it is to describe that perfect kill shot to someone who wasn’t there, and thankfully this video puts us right in the action. Tom did a great job of filming the deer as it gets shot on the run. Watching Travis use a timber pounding technique in the snow-covered mountains of Idaho, is enough to make any hunter excited about harvesting a mule deer.

Although the parting shot shows Travis carrying only the antlers on his pack, he and Tom packed out all the meat.

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Mule Deer Shot on the Run With “Timber Pounding” Technique [VIDEO]