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Mule Deer Foundation to Give $1.1 million to Utah for Habitat and Research Projects


The Mule Deer Foundation will fund more major habitat and research projects in Utah.

The Mule Deer Foundation has announced that it will providing over $1.1 million for habitat projects and mule deer research.

Utah’s highly successful Governor’s Tags program has paved the way of raising substantial funds to make a true conservation impact. The $1.1 million sets a record for the amount of money funded to the Utah Watershed Restoration Initiative since the start of the program in 2005.

The funding will not only benefit mule deer, but also elk, antelope, moose, turkeys and sage grouse throughout the give Utah Division of Wildlife Resources administrative regions.

The Hunting Company

MDF President & CEO, Miles Moretti stated,

MDF is proud to contribute to the continued success of Utah’s Conservation Permit program, and we are seeing many successes from the dollars that have been dedicated toward habitat restoration.

Some of the specific projects include the removal of encroaching pinyon pines and juniper, developing water resources and guzzlers, fencing freeways to reduce deer/vehicle collisions and various other projects.

“Utah’s mule deer population is the highest it has been in over 20 years, and that is a direct result of the investments made through this program,” according to Moretti.

Hunters across the nation should be excited for this funding and the efforts should make Utah an overall greater hunting state.



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Mule Deer Foundation to Give $1.1 million to Utah for Habitat and Research Projects