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Mule Deer Antler Growth Continues to Amaze [VIDEO]

mule deer

This video shows a rural mule deer’s rapid antler growth over 20 weeks.

This breakdown of a local mule deer’s antler growth will impress any antler enthusiast. As an added bonus, enjoy some great music by rock legend Tom Petty while you watch.

Antlers are the fastest-growing tissue in any mammal. When bucks grow their antlers, it’s an exciting time for hunters to speculate how large the antlers will grow.

I love this type of video, because it captures such an exciting process. In just a few months, mule deer can grow hundreds of inches of bone.

The size of this mule deer is noteworthy in itself. According to the owner of the video, the buck was harvested later that year, when it left the cemetery during the rut.

Some antlers grow up to an inch a day, and some moose add up to a pound of antler everyday. Be sure to plant some summer food plots so your herd can get the nutrition it needs.

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Mule Deer Antler Growth Continues to Amaze [VIDEO]