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Mugger with Fake Gun Shot by Florida Concealed Carry Holder

A mugger in Florida brandishing a fake gun picked the wrong target and ended up getting shot by his intended victim, who had a concealed carry permit.

A man and woman had just finished eating dinner at a restaurant in Tampa, Florida last week when two teens, one of whom was brandishing a fake gun, attempted to rob them. Tampa Police report that the gun was a replica with the orange tip removed.

According to the Tampa Police Department, the teens demanded money and cell phones from their intended victims. Unknown to them, the man they were intending to rob had a Florida Concealed Handgun License and was armed at the time.

The woman turned to run back to the restaurant and one of the would be muggers pointed his gun, which her boyfriend did not know was fake, at her. Fearing for her safety, the man drew his gun and fired a shot at the mugger, striking him once in the left shin.

The two suspects fled, dropping their stolen money, phones, and the fake gun. The wounded suspect did not make it far, and was arrested at the scene by the police when they arrived. The other suspect turned himself into police later that evening.

Both suspects have lengthy criminal records with armed robbery charges for this incident added to the list. The wounded mugger is expected to make a full recovery.

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Mugger with Fake Gun Shot by Florida Concealed Carry Holder