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Muddy Deer Rescued From California Lagoon


Deer rescued in California after getting stuck in mud bog.

A deer was rescued from a mud-filled lagoon by the Marin Humane Society and Stinson Beach Firefighters in California this past weekend.

Concerned passersby phoned animal control around 2:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon after they noticed a deer struggling to free itself from some thick mud in Bolinas Lagoon.

Rescuers managed to get a rope pole around the deer’s neck after wadding into the lagoon and drug her to back to the bank. They used blankets to clean the doe up and gave her a inspection which revealed her to be stressed, but unharmed.

They asked everyone to leave the area so the deer could recuperate on her own.


Rescuers were really happy someone called them and the deer could be saved.

“I think it’s wonderful,” Lisa Bloch, spokeswoman for the Marin Humane Society said. “It speaks volumes about the caring nature of people in Marin that they would take this seriously about the deer getting stuck. It’s a wonderful coming-together for the one little deer.”

Just a reminder that no one should try to help distressed, injured, or stuck wildlife of their own. Without special knowledge and gear you could make the situation worse for the animal or get yourself hurt in the process.

Always call animal control and allow them to assess the situation and take the best course of action.

All photos courtesy of Mercury News.

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Muddy Deer Rescued From California Lagoon