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Mud Puddle Jumping Fail [VIDEO]


Watch and learn how not to jump over a puddle of mud while out on the trail.

While out backpacking you are at the mercy of the Mother Nature. At any given time, the terrain can change, skies go from clear to rainy, or she can just throw a good-sized mud puddle at you.

While backpacking along a trail, these girls are brought to an abrupt stop in their hike. A big old mud puddle stands between them and continuing on the trail. In their minds, the only way across is to either wade through or try to jump to a sole patch of dirt in its center.

I'll let you watch and see what happens.

She acts like she's never jumped before and definitely didn't count on the extra weight from her bag to keep her momentum going.

I don't know why they didn't notice all the other foot traffic through the mud. That alone should have told them it wasn't very deep and definitely passable. I guess sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

This will make for a life-long memory that they have on video to laugh about through the ages. She will just have to chalk this up as a lesson learned while we all laugh at her expense.

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Mud Puddle Jumping Fail [VIDEO]