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So Much for Respectable Deer Stand Placement

What is it with some people and their deer stand placement?

With the days beginning to get shorter and the preparation for deer season starting to creep into my mind, I can only imagine what this upcoming season will bring.

Luckily, we hunt on land that we own. However, that has not stopped the abutting property owner from pushing the limits when it comes to where he puts his hunting stands.

My Dad has hunted on the land for the better part of his life. About six years ago, we built our big "Sky Condo," and started hunting there full time. Back then, there were no other hunters nearby. Soon, a hunter bought a bordering piece of property, re-did the old camp that was there and brought his buddies along into the woods for a "huntin' camp experience."

We haven't had many incidents with them, but they do have a tendency to trespass and strategically walk through pieces of our land when they know where we are sitting.

Three years ago, they put a tree seat along the edge of the power line that looked out onto our piece of property, and was positioned next to our connecting trail. Subtle.

No one had sat in that seat until the third week of the season. After reviewing the pictures on our trail cameras, Dad and I figured we would head down to my tree seat mid-morning. As we made our way down our path, Dad stopped suddenly and pointed to the treestand.

A blob of orange sat there. We backtracked and went elsewhere.

From now on, we will have to strategize how we get from one piece of property to the other. Our hunting neighbor has other treestands along the power line, and we are polite and stay clear of them.

It is how you are supposed to hunt; have courtesy for those around you. Apparently, they did not get that memo.
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It's a decent walk in the morning if you are doing it in the dark. We can and do sometimes, but it is the idea that another hunter has decided to position themselves so close to where we hunt, especially since they know where we hunt and where our connection trail is.

The placement of this stand was a calculated effort... it is not high enough in the trees to see far down the power line, and it is pretty close to the main road.

There are so many variables that you have to work on when you are deer hunting, especially in Maine, where there thick North Woods can hide a deer almost in plain sight. It is challenging enough to learn the deer's trails and behaviors each year, but add to it the issue of crossing from one piece of property to another and dodging being seen and it becomes a necessarily challenge that we must figure out.

So, what is your take on this? How disrespectful is our neighbor? Would you put a stand up where you knew other hunters travel? Am I totally blowing this out of proportion?

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So Much for Respectable Deer Stand Placement