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How Much Do You Know About Sea Otter Hunting? [VIDEO]

sea otter hunting

In parts of Alaska, sea otter hunting is a big part of life for some people. How much do you know about this practice?

When we think about game that we hunt, most of us would have to go pretty far down the list before we even got to sea otter. But for some Alaskans, like native Peter Williams, sea otter hunting is not a past-time but a way of life.

As part of his goal to spread the word about what he does and why he does it he has created a documentary, "Harvest: Quyuriq," that will premier this Sunday at the Anchorage Museum in Alaska.

You can see the trailer for the film below.

This is quite an interesting story and I think we can all learn something from how reverently he treats the animals he harvests. Even for an animal that he describes as a pest.

Can you imagine people treating hogs with such respect?

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How Much Do You Know About Sea Otter Hunting? [VIDEO]