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How Much Do You Know About Bowfishing? [PICS]


What will you hunt with your bow this year? How ‘bout fish!? Sharpen up your archery skills for hunting season by bowfishing.

Bowfishing is exactly what it sounds like- fishing with a bow and arrow!

As spring waters start to warm up, fish such as carp, buffalo, suckers, and gar move toward shallow waters in lakes and rivers to spawn. This migration pattern makes late spring and summer the best times for bowfishing.


One thing you definitely need when bowfishing is, or course, a bow and arrow. Except this arrow is a little different than your traditional one.

A bowfishing arrow is made of solid fiberglass with a specialized fish point at the end. It also consists of a slide device that your line is attached to. This slide device prevents the arrow from slinging back at the archer if the line gets caught on the bow or if the line does not feed through the receptacle the right way.

bowfishing arrow
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You also need a large spool or container to bowfish that screws or even tapes right on to your bow. This spool or container feeds the line out like a standard spinning reel. You can also use a closed-face cast reel that is specifically designed for bowfishing.

Aside from the actual bow, bowfishing gear and equipment is fairly inexpensive and it can all be found at most sports shops.

bowfishing reel
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The Challenge

As if you didn’t think bowhunting was hard enough trying to judge distance correctly, bowfishing comes with a new challenge. That challenge is called refraction.

Refraction is when light rays bend as they hit the water making the fish appear to be in a totally different spot than it actually is.

bowfishing bow
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To be successful at bowfishing, you have to aim lower than your natural site picture. If you aim directly at the fish using your natural site picture, you will be going home without a fish.

Underwater targets are a great way to practice shooting with refraction and will help you find the right aim point.

Now get out on the water with a bow! Your bowhunting aim will thank you, not to mention you might come home with dinner.

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How Much Do You Know About Bowfishing? [PICS]