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How Much Can a Snake Bite Cost You?

Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Receiving a venomous snake bite can cause pain, sickness, and sometimes even death. Turns out, they can cause those same things to your wallet as well.

One Mississippi hunter found this out the hard way after being bitten by a five-foot-long timber rattlesnake on his farm while cutting shooting lanes for a tree stand. Dana Sanders, Jr. was helping his father prepare a tree stand for the upcoming deer season when he felt the bite.

“We were trimming out shooting lanes for a bow stand for my dad,” Sanders told The Clarion-Ledger. “He was in the stand and I was on the ground.”

Sanders was trimming brush on the edge of a food plot. The food plot had some piles of rotting logs and debris along its edges.

“I was standing in some of that and I knew better, but I was in a rush to get done,” Sanders said.

The next thing Sanders knew, he felt an intense bite on his leg. The strike occurred right above his boot. He saw blood streaming down his leg from the bite wound and quickly identified the nearby snake as a timber rattler. Once he identified the snake, he forgot about revenge on the animal and knew he had to get to the hospital. “No, I did not kill the snake. I wasn’t worried about killing the snake, I was worried about getting somewhere.”

Timber rattlesnake. Image via Wikimedia Commons.
Image via Wikimedia Commons

Sanders required 10 vials of the anti-venom drug, CroFab. With the cost of thousands of dollars per vial, Sanders’ hospital bills will amount to over $20,000 before all is said and done. While the cost is negligible when compared with saving a life, it is still something that not many people may be aware of. The story of Dana Sanders, Jr. is not even the worst of it.

Consider the case of Dag-Are Trydal, a Norwegian exchange student studying at the University of California San Diego. Trydal was bitten by a rattlesnake while walking to his car.

“I stepped two steps back just immediately and I was seeing that a snake was sitting right between my flip flops,” Trydal told ABC News. “I was really scared, because I don’t know much about the snakes here and how dangerous they are.”

Some common symptoms of a snake bite. Image via Wikimedia Commons.
Some common symptoms of a snake bite. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Trydal walked across the street to a nearby hospital for treatment. He had to spend the night in the intensive care unit and was given four doses of anti-venom. His hospital bills wound up totaling $143,989!

After seeing the exorbitant cost of his treatment, Trydal was just relieved that he had purchased an insurance policy to cover himself during his six month long stay in the United States.

“This is way too much, at least for a person that doesn’t have good insurance,” he said.

The good news is that both of these snake bite victims were able to receive the treatments that they needed to fully recover. They both also serve as a great example as to why you should take every precaution to avoid being bitten by any venomous snake. If the injuries and symptoms weren’t  reason enough, then these hospital bill totals should do the trick.

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How Much Can a Snake Bite Cost You?