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How Much C4 Can a MacBook Pro Hold?

Everyone’s had a time in their lives when they’ve wanted to blow up a computer with C4, right?

Similar to the infamous scene from “Office Space,” this video documents a group of guys getting some much needed revenge on office electronics, more specifically a MacBook Pro.

Watch this clip and see how some carefully-placed C4 can explode a computer in a way that can only be described as detrimental.

C4 is a plastic explosive whose main active ingredient is RDX, and these guys felt using detonation cord would be the perfect agent to help initiate the explosion.

Did you see in the slow-mo footage how they were able to make the detonation cord display the Apple logo before it exploded? Not only did that trick take careful planning, but it also required a camera capable of filming at 1000 frames per second.

That C4 explosion was almost worthy of a James Bond movie shootout! As always, please don’t try these types of explosions at home unless you’re prepared to wake up the entire neighborhood. Stay safe out there and remember C4 is a great tool to use if you want to get rid of electronics the fun way.


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How Much C4 Can a MacBook Pro Hold?