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Mt. Lebanon Approves Archery Hunt to Control Deer

Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania will look to a special archery hunt for urban deer control.

Are you a bowhunter that lives near Mt. Lebanon? Well, you may have the chance to help the community control their deer problem and get some extra meat in the process.

With the need to remove about 150 does, the vetted archery program passed with a 4-1 vote, with hopes that it can help cut down deer-vehicle collisions by 50% in the next five years.

After much discussion on whether a volunteer archery program was best or to have paid sharpshooters do the job, the commissioners gave the contract to White Buffalo.

The nonprofit organization will be recruiting volunteer archers as well as organizing and supervising the hunt. Archers will be required to follow the states regulations and will have a set season starting in September. There will also be a 50 yard "safety zone" surrounding houses to help ensure peoples safety.

After eliminating their sharpshooters program around 2008, Mt. Lebanon has approved an archery deer hunt in an attempt to control deer populations.

A previous attempt was made in December to have an archery program for vetted municipal employees, but it never happened due to running out of allocation permits for antlerless deer.

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Mt. Lebanon Approves Archery Hunt to Control Deer