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M&P 22LR: Compact and Perfect for Training

The M&P 22LR Compact is a fun compact pistol that lets you get down and dirty with all that rimfire fun.

Shooting lots of ammo was quickly becoming a thing of the past. Very quickly in modern days we saw the price of 22LR skyrocket in price and even become very limited in selection. People were even camping out to get their hands on the ammo first.

This pistol is great for training. The main features on the M&P 22 are pretty much the same as the bigger caliber pistols. The safety, trigger, and sights are basically the same and can definitely allow the user to get more affordable training.

Its not to often that we can get a smaller pistol that features the same mechanics as the bigger sized pistols. Call me a little crazy but I have been wondering why Glock Inc, has not offered a 22LR version of their Glock pistols.

I do realize there are after market conversion kits but being able to buy an M&P 22LR off the shelf that has all of the same features is a pretty nice package. Stay safe, keep training, and get as much 22LR as you can because the ammo disappears with this gun in your hands.



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M&P 22LR: Compact and Perfect for Training