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Moving Mountain Goats with Helicopters is a Real Thing

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources used helicopters recently when they were tasked with moving mountain goats. 

When someone asks you to help them when they are moving mountain goats, take a lesson from this video and use helicopters.

Check out this video from National Geographic and see how involved the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources had to get when they had to move 40 mountain goats from a mountain range recently.

In case you missed it, here are some cool facts from this video. They didn’t tranquilize any of the goats in this video, they simply chased them into a flat area and captured them with a net gun. The mountain goats were moved to encourage health populations in certain areas across the Beehive State.

According to the Youtuber, “The process is mostly harmless to the goats, though they may suffer small cuts when tangled in the net. Netting is safer for the goats than using tranquilizers, as a partially tranquilized goat could be hurt even more.”

Can you image how it would feel to get carted away from your home by a helicopter? As you saw, although the goats were scared, it was done to benefit of the whole population.


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Moving Mountain Goats with Helicopters is a Real Thing