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A Mouthful: African Rock Python Consumes an Antelope [VIDEO]

One of the largest snakes in the world, this African rock python consumes an antelope, whole.

Here you can get a first-hand glance as to how a large, limbless reptile can consume an equally large prey item—an adult springbok.

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African rock pythons, like all macrostomata (big mouthed) snakes, take advantage of their loosely connected jaw structure by consuming immense, unthinkably large prey completely intact—yes, whole.

They’re able to perform this feat of anatomical wonder via the loosely connected tendons that join both the lower and upper regions of the mandible; the “limit of expanse” seems to hit a wall at over five times the size of the given snake’s skull. This video very kindly gives us a look at this process with an internal camera in the snake’s mouth.

After consuming such a meal, a full-bellied large python might not need to feed for over twelve months.

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A Mouthful: African Rock Python Consumes an Antelope [VIDEO]