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Wildlife at Its Finest: Mountain Lion Takes Down Deer

Check out this incredible video caught by hikers on their way to the trails in Colorado.

Mountain lions are amazingly skilled hunters who prey often on deer, just not usually in the middle of a busy road. This video, shot in Divide, Colorado by Keith Emmons, captures the true nature of how a big cat tackles a quick-witted and skittish deer into submission.

The commentary on this video is, frankly, a little bit silly. You may want to just turn off your speakers to enjoy nature to its fullest.

Mountain lion feeding is certainly nothing we’d ever mess with.

Warning: language NSFW

What a truly lucky experience for these hikers to see an elusive mountain lion feeding on its prey. Mountain lions are reaching increased numbers in various states, and many use tracking collars to keep tabs on these ferocious felines.

Since this video is from 2008, it’s hard to say if this lion was under surveillance since the tracking program in Colorado did not become robust until 2007. If you’d like to learn more about mountain lion conservation and research, head on over to the Mountain Lion Foundation.



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Wildlife at Its Finest: Mountain Lion Takes Down Deer