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Mountain Lion vs. Black Bear, Round Two [VIDEO]

Get ready for round two of this battle between a mountain lion and black bear!

The mountain lion takes it up a notch to protect the cubs.

 Finally, the yearling sees them, and the black bear could easily kill the cubs. This time the yearling fights with the fury of an animal protecting it’s young.

Round two… fight!


Most wild animal fights caught on camera are entertaining, because they are dangerous, unpredictable, and almost always, intense. The second round of this fight demonstrated how animals can take their viciousness to the next level when they have something to fight for, like young cubs.

Luckily, the mountain lion was able to keep the bear at bay and the cubs safe.

If you enjoyed this fight, then a brutal tiger fight will give you chills.

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Mountain Lion vs. Black Bear, Round Two [VIDEO]