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Mountain Lion Spotted Watching Child in Colorado Amusement Park

Wikimedia Commons

A day at the Santa’s Workshop Amusement Park in Colorado gets cut short because of a mountain lion sighting.

Parts of an amusement park located on Pikes Peak has been closed for the time being because of a reported mountain lion sighting by an employee.

A ride operator at North Pole Colorado Santa’s Workshop spotted the mountain lion around the Ferris Wheel and claimed that it looked as if the cat was keying in on a child.

According to Kyle Davidson of the Colorado Parks & Wildlife, the worker took all the correct steps in reporting the issue.


Many of the paths have been shut down. As a parent, a mountain lion is the last thing you want lurking the park while you have your family there. Some rides can be exciting enough for children, let alone a massive mountain lion roaming the area.

Being located just northwest of Colorado Springs, the park is in a prime habitat and location for mountain lions.

It is thought that the pet reindeer on site could have attracted the lion on to the parks property. Either way, protocol was taken so that the cat didn’t turn it’s sights on a human.

The cat has not been spotted since, and hopefully it doesn’t get spotted again.


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Mountain Lion Spotted Watching Child in Colorado Amusement Park