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Mountain Lion Feasting on Deer Carcass in the Desert

mountain lion

Watch this video of a cougar tearing into a carcass.

Gregg Virnoche was just hiking in the desert of Nevada when he heard a coyote barking or yelping. He visually searched for the coyote but couldn’t find it. As he crested the ridge of a ravine he caught a glimpse of something about 150 yards directly in front of him.

He stopped and dropped, grabbed his binoculars and spied this mountain lion feeding on what was left of a deer carcass.

Virnoche grabbed his camera and got on his belly to film the big cat.

Had it not been for the coyote barking he likely would have never seen the cougar. He probably would have simply walked up over the ridge and spooked the the cat, but because he was searching for the coyote he was slowed down enough to see the mountain lion.

You can plainly hear the coyote in the video, who was probably barking at the cat for stealing his dinner.



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Mountain Lion Feasting on Deer Carcass in the Desert