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Mountain Lion Bowls over Autobody Shop Worker in California [VIDEO]

Hank Barkefelt’s morning was anything but routine when he discovered a mountain lion was his first customer of the day!

A Palmdale-area autobody worker received quite the surprise when he arrived to open up shop the morning of August 28. What greeted him was a 75-pound female mountain lion, which leapt from a cubby hole and promptly knocked him down.

Luckily for Barkefelt, the mountain lion continued out the door after their brief interaction. A 911 call summoned the help of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and a California Department of Fish and Wildlife warden.

Since the big cat had no direct route back to open space, it was tranquilized with a dart gun after taking cover under a vehicle.

It would appear the mountain lion simply took a wrong turn, possibly during the middle of the night, and ended up in the autobody shop.

The animal was relocated to an undisclosed area of the Angeles National Forest and released.

Talk about a crazy start to your shift! It definitely puts a new spin on “how was your day at work?”

As for Barkefelt – I sure hope his boss gave him the day off!

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Mountain Lion Bowls over Autobody Shop Worker in California [VIDEO]