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Motorcyclist Barely Misses Moose on Roadside in Crazy POV Video

Adam Cahill

Helmet cam captures incredible near-miss between motorbike and moose. It also records the monumental shrieks of laughter!

Adam Cahill was out for a leisurely bike ride along the Trans-Canada Highway, in Gander Newfoundland, on June 25. After a near-miss with a moose earlier in the week, he must have been thinking, “What are the chances I’ll have a close encounter again?” Cahill would soon find out.

While cruising along on a straight away, Cahill spots a moose making its way up an embankment. He also has an oncoming pickup truck to contend with. With a stealthy manoeuver to the left, he dekes out both obstacles with sheer skill – and a whole lot of luck.

Turn up your speakers for this video – with a few choice expletives (which have been muted out) the hysterical laughter and shrieks makes this a pretty epic piece of film.

Quite the close call, wasn’t it? What would you have done if you were in Cahill’s shoes?

He did sum up his experience best in an interview about his close encounter, by saying: “I almost took the biggest bite out of a moose burger I ever ate!”

This is a good reminder that wildlife can appear on the road at any moment, and at any time of the day. Always be ready to react at a moments notice.



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Motorcyclist Barely Misses Moose on Roadside in Crazy POV Video