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Motorcyclist Gets Taken Out By a Bear Cub [VIDEO]

Ouch! Bear cubs and motorcycles don’t mix.

The helmet cam of a motorcyclist captures a bear cub running out right in front of him, and he has absolutely no time to react…

It happens more often than people hear about, because animals are always crossing the road directly in the path of oncoming vehicles and causing accidents. This footage from Ottawa is no different. Like most accidents, it happens in an instant, and there is hardly anything anyone can do to avoid them from happening.


Typically, these accidents are caused by deer in overpopulated areas, but as the concrete jungle continues to grow, more and more accidents involving all kinds of wildlife are bound to happen.

It’s best to always be aware of the area you are traveling, and if you see one of those yellow warning signs letting you know it’s a high wildlife traffic area, you better keep an eye out. Especially if you’re a motorcyclist, because no one really wants to go rolling around on the pavement like this person.

According to the YouTube post, “The driver has non-life-threatening injuries and the bear walked away.”

Good to hear no one was injured too badly.

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Motorcyclist Gets Taken Out By a Bear Cub [VIDEO]