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Motion Ducks New Spreader System is a Game Changer

Motion Ducks/Facebook

Motion Ducks new spreader system is a game changer among motion decoys.

The new spreader system from Motion Ducks groups decoys to move in unison, rather than singling out one particular decoy to do all the dancing.

This could be a game changer for bringing in waterfowl close enough to get a good shot. It’s also a non-motorized jerk-rig motion decoy system.

Portable, easy, and compact, the new spreader system from Motion Ducks utilizes your existing decoys to provide them with the natural movement patterns of ducks and geese on the water.

Not only does the product serve its purpose as a spreader, but it folds in a way that allows for the attached decoys to be hauled back and fourth from the blind to the truck.

The Motion Ducks spreader comes in a standard size that easily folds to a centerpiece that connects the four rods that extend to four decoys. An additional feeder decoy spreader dunks the heads of your existing decoys like feeding ducks. There’s also an XL Goose Decoy Spreader that is slightly wider than the standard duck decoy spreader.


You can also upgrade the standard and XL decoy spreaders to a double-spreader system with two jerk rigs that attaches to seven decoys.
motionducks2You can see more videos of the Motion Ducks decoy spreader on their Facebook Page, Instagram, and their website,


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Motion Ducks New Spreader System is a Game Changer