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Mother's Day Gifts for the Outdoorswoman [PICS]

Georgia Pellegrini

Whether she's a hiker, an angler, a huntress, or general lover of the outdoors, these Mother's Day gifts are perfect for the outdoorswoman in your life.

Here are the perfect gifts for the mother in your life.

1. Paddle Board

Bella Paddle Boards & Apparel

The weather is warming up, and it's time to get back out on the water. What better way for mom to get outside, get fit, and catch some rays at the same time that she's aboard her very own paddle board. Is your mom an avid angler? Check out Paddle Board Accessories for Fishing on a SUP [PICS] to get her on her way.

2. Water Bottle with Storage

Bearing News
Go Contigo

While this is a fairly simple gift, this water bottle/wallet & key storage combo is great for the minimalist mom who's always heading out for her next hike (or any outdoor adventure). She could toss in her car key and fishing license, strap it to her paddle board, and head on out, right?

 3. Zoom Lens + Tripod for iPhone

Restoration Hardware

We've all been in the position of wanting to take a fantastic photos on an outing, yet not wanting to lug around a DLSR camera. Problem solved with this 12x zoom lens that clips right to the phone case, giving your phone the capabilities of a DLSR.

Now mom can always capture the perfect sunset on a hike, remember that monster bass she caught on the pond, or the rafter of turkeys that came out in the field while she was deer hunting. Also, I had no idea that a group of turkeys is called a "rafter" until today.

4. Adventure Getaway

Georgia Pellegrini
Georgia Pellegrini

For the mom who wants to (and can!) do it all, book her a spot on Georgia Pellegrini's next Adventure Getaway. She'll fly fish, shoot sporting clays, enjoy a cooking lesson & bird dressing class, shoot upland birds, ride ATVs, and enjoy a long weekend outdoors overall. She may not get to enjoy this gift on Mother's Day, but it will give her an awesome trip to look forward to, and she will stay excited until it arrives. Hey, the gift that keeps on giving.

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5. Travel Tote

Bright Side Outdoors
Bright Side Outdoors

Speaking of an on-the-go traveling lady, this water-repellent Filson tote is perfect to take from the airplane straight into the field. It's sturdy, durable, and can hold everything from camera equipment to boxes of shotgun shells. Trust me - I recently took it to Argentina, and won't travel without it again!

6. Jewelry 

Paula Lindgren
Paula Lindgren

When a standard strand of pearls just won't suit your outdoor-loving momma, you'll have to think outside the [shell] box. A subtle nod to her passion for hunting (or simply shooting), a dainty necklace like this one from Paula Lindgren, which comes in your choice of caliber, shows that mom is actually a badass who knows her firearms.

7. Antler Jewelry Holder

Stag Doe & Fawn Studio

When she's not wearing the 308 Win Mag necklace you gave her, mom can hang it on this cool antler jewelry rack. There are all sorts of different versions of these jewelry holders out there, so pick which one works best for her. Better yet, make one yourself from a shed you've found!

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8. Outdoor-themed Stationery

Wilderness Paper Co.
Wilderness Paper Co.

Handwritten notes are so much more personal and meaningful, and are definitely becoming a lost art. Whether mom wants to write a Thank You note or simple correspondence to an old friend, outdoor-themed stationery like these from Wilderness Paper Co. will help her do so in [her] style. Wilderness Paper Co. even collaborated with Georgia Pellegrini for some "wild note cards" -  perfect for just that.

9. Printed Scarf

Sly Scarves
Sly Scarves

Even the most outdoorsy moms may want to stay stylish. What better way that with a printed scarf, like this one with moose, bears, and canoes, that shows off her love of the wild? It's a simple gift she'll love to wear.

There you have it - the best Mother's Day gifts for the outdoorswoman in your life. Now you have no reason to pull the the "I wasn't sure what to get you so I got you a massage" excuse, right?

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Mother's Day Gifts for the Outdoorswoman [PICS]