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7 Mother’s Day Fishing Gifts for Your Angling Mom

These Mother’s Day fishing gifts will be perfect for the woman who introduced you to the world, and she’ll thank you every time she casts a line.

5 - waders and boots

This time of year, we always rack our brains for good gift ideas for our moms.

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If she’s the least bit into fishing, then we’ve got a list of seven items for you to choose from that would make ideal gifts, and are catered specifically for the most important gals in our lives.

View the slideshow to see the Mother’s Day fishing gifts, and let us know how they liked them in the comments below.

Packable Rain Jacket

Photo via Bass Pro Shops 

Keep your mother comfortable and in fashion this year with a new packable rain jacket. Featuring an adjustable waist, hood, and cuffs, this jacket is not only designed to look great in a variety of colors, it is lightweight for comfort in foul weather.

Better yet, it packs down easily, taking up almost no space at all, leaving more room in her bag for tackle and bait.

Packable Rain Pants

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

A rain jacket may not be enough. Give her the whole package with a new set of packable rain pants.

Featuring adjustable cuffs and waist, these pants are machine washable and guaranteed to fit comfortably the next time your mother runs into foul weather.

Gore Range Vest

Photo via Cabela’s

Send your mother out fishing in style and comfort with the Gore Range vest. Featuring 17 pockets, she can carry everything she needs out on the water with her.

Better yet, this lightweight vest also features a mesh back, so she can stay cool in the burning summer months.

Bifocal Polarized Sunglasses

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

Like most mothers, your mom probably has the eyes of a hawk, but even her vision can be impaired by a bright sun on a hot day.

Help protect her eyes with a pair of polarized bifocal sunglasses, guaranteed to reflect glare and fit comfortably with rubberized temples. These glasses feature a magnifying power of +1.50, +2.00, or +2.50.

Dry-Plus Breathable Waders/Ultralight 2 Lug Sole Boots Combo 

Photo via Cabela’s

Keep your mother dry and happy the next time she wades out into the water with a new pair of Dry Plus waders and boots combo.

Leakproof and breathable, these durable waders are designed to go all day. When you buy through Cabela’s, you can get a special combo deal on lug sole boots.

You can have the best equipment in the world, but if your feet aren’t right, you might as well stay home. These boots are designed to drain water and create traction, so she won’t lose her balance on those slippery rocks.

Braid Brute Buster Belt

Photo via Cabela’s

If your mother is a serious angler, she may need a little bit of help to reel in the big catch.

Give her a hand with a brand new Braid Brute Buster Belt. Adjustable for a 26”-56” waist, this belt is designed for high impact from 50 to 100-pound tackle!

Big Norm Fish Scaler

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

As you likely know, fishing is only half the fun. The best part is still eating your catch afterwards.

If your mother is a fan of cooking, help her clean her fish swiftly and easily with a brand new Big Norm fish scaler. At the very least, it will get you one step closer to a mom-cooked, wild-caught meal! Is there anything better?

Happy Mother’s Day!

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7 Mother’s Day Fishing Gifts for Your Angling Mom