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Mother Whitetail Gets Bombarded by Hungry Fawns [VIDEO]

A mother deer is nursing her fawn and then gets bombarded by four more little ones. 

A fan sent us this clip captured on his trail camera.

It shows a mother deer feeding her fawn in the night. And then its midnight snack is rudely interrupted.

The little fawn is clearly enjoying its meal as its little tail wildly flaps around. Then, all of a sudden, descending from the darkness, runs in two other little fawns followed by a third coming in hot for their own taste.

The mother’s eyes grow wide captured in the light of the camera as they all try to push themselves between her legs.

Deer can have up to three fawns so it is unclear if these four youngsters are her own brood or not.

But it’s like any large family, you just have to fight your siblings for the food on the table or go to bed hungry.

Thanks, Brain Gilson for sharing your trail camera footage!

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Mother Whitetail Gets Bombarded by Hungry Fawns [VIDEO]