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Parenting Win: Mother Raccoon Teaches Kit to Climb a Tree [VIDEO]

This mother raccoon teaching her kit to climb a tree wins at parenting.

Video producer and photographer Jeffrey Reid caught this footage of a mother raccoon teaching its young to climb a tree on his father's roof.

While these masked bandits get a bad rap for making a mess in the middle of the night, there's no denying the cute factor of the animal parenting exhibited in this video.

The mother starts by dragging her young up the tree by her teeth. Then, using the roof as a platform to transfer back onto the tree, she places her young within reach, but it takes a little time for her offspring to take hold. Much like a bird teaching it's young to fly, the young raccoon is not quite ready to leave the nest just yet. With her young struggling with stubborn resistance, the parent is persistent until the lesson, and her young, finally take hold. With the roof acting as a safety net, the youngster clings tightly to the bark with it's claws, holding on for dear life.

There are moments in life where the training wheels come off and you've got to keep pedaling to stay upright. Those type of moments are certainly not exclusively limited to mankind. We may be stubborn at first, but we all have to overcome our fears in order to mature and grow.

Surely any parent can relate to the struggle exhibited by the young raccoon, but with a little time and a lot of patience, the youngster gains the confidence to learn a new life skill. The persistent parenting skills will provide her young with abilities that are necessary for it's survival in the wild.

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Parenting Win: Mother Raccoon Teaches Kit to Climb a Tree [VIDEO]