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Mother Moose Gave Birth to Twins Only Moments Ago

This is so adorable it hurts. A mother moose just gave birth to twins - just moments ago - and already one of them is struggling to stand.

Mother moose is still licking the little babies clean, after just giving birth to twin calves. She's lying down licking the one, which seems to be more interested in feeding from mama than in anything else.

The second baby moose, still covered with fluid from the birth, struggles mightily to stand. It can't quite figure it out or get its balance on those long lanky legs, and down it goes. It tries again, but only ends up burying its nose into the ground as it tries to raise up on its hind legs. It's painfully adorable to watch the little guy or girl.

No doubt both of the little moose will be up and walking shortly. Moose calves can outrun a human after only about a week old. They will stick with the mother for the rest of the year, learning everything it takes to be a moose.

They will reach maturity, assuming that they do not succumb to predators, the weather or other potential dangers, at around two years of age.

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Mother Moose Gave Birth to Twins Only Moments Ago