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Mother Gets Flak for Posting Photos of 2-Year-Old with BB Gun


Photos stir discussion of how young is too young to learn about firearms? 

Many firearms enthusiasts are taught about firearms at an early age. But one woman in Alberta is coming under fire after she posted photos of her 2.5-year-old online holding a BB gun on Facebook. Some are saying 2.5 is too young to be handling a gun, even if it's a broken BB gun.

The photos have also stirred up debate about the right age to introduce children to firearms. You can see some reactions of people to the photos in the video below.

The mother of the child, Cindy O'Hara, said they gave the broken BB gun to her son Jaxson because he saw his older brothers shooting gophers and wanted to join in.  "He didn't really think anything of it, except the pew noises," O'Hara told Global News.

Reactions to the photos both online and to the news crew were predictably mixed. Many believe the boy is way too young to understand firearms safety. Others think it's a good idea for children to learn the dangers of firearms at the earliest age possible.

O'Hara told the station she realizes the boy is too young to understand these dangers just yet. But it seems she is using it as just the first step towards educating her child.

"He doesn't get the reality that a gun can kill somebody," O'Hara said. "But it was fun and it was an experience for him because we will teach him how to shoot, absolutely."

What do you think? Is 2.5 too young to start educating children about firearms and firearm safety?


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Mother Gets Flak for Posting Photos of 2-Year-Old with BB Gun