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Mother Bear and Three Cubs May Have Been Poisoned in Pennsylvania


What happened to this bear and her three cubs?

Pennsylvania Game Commission officials are investigating the mysterious deaths of a mother bear and her three cubs that were found in a church parking lot. The initial suspicion is that they may have been poisoned.

The animals were found dead in Wyoming, Pennsylvania, just north of Wiles-Barre.

“Obviously, we’re in a borough, so it’s a populated area. The fact that four bears were found at the same location, they showed no signs of external injuries, no bullet wounds. It’s a shame if that happened that someone would be that cruel to these animals,” Pennsylvania Conservation Officer William Williams told WNEP 16 News.

The person who discovered the bears before a Sunday morning Mass initially thought the animals were asleep. It wasn’t until after they were leaving church they noticed the bears were still there and a closer inspection showed they were actually all dead.

The family of bears was re-located once before in the past. But they apparently kept making their way back to populations of people.  As a result, they were tagged and well-known to area residents.

“The bears were all tagged. We’ve seen this bear before, “ Williams told WNEP 16 News. “They were relocated to the game lands in Bear Creek. They found their way back into the borough, but the ending is not good for them.”

The Game Commission is asking anyone with possible information on the case to contact them at 570-675-1143. Tips can also be submitted via the Operation Game Thief hotline at 1-888-PGC-8001.

In the meantime, the bears will be tested to find out for certain if they were indeed the victims of a poisoning.


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Mother Bear and Three Cubs May Have Been Poisoned in Pennsylvania