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Mother Bald Eagle Fights off Brazen Raccoon Attack [VIDEO]

This raccoon's dinner plans were, shall we say, too ambitious.

On Wednesday night, it tried to climb into a mother bald eagle's nest to steal its eggs. Bad idea. The bald eagle wakes up and turns her head to find a raccoon creeping up the tree and into her nest to steal the eggs. At first, the mother bald eagle jumps back and spreads her wings to look more intimidating. Then she lunges in at the raccoon with her sharp talons. A camera mounted in the nest by local wildlife officials to monitor the eagle and her eggs captured the late-night raccoon raid gone wrong.


"Obviously, they're a very intimidating bird, a very large bird," Gary Fujak of the Pennsylvania Game Commission told CBS Pittsburgh. "They have their talon, the primary sources. They're going to use wings to make themselves look bigger, and their beak, they've got some strength there, too."

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The lucky raccoon appears to have escape unharmed.

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Mother Bald Eagle Fights off Brazen Raccoon Attack [VIDEO]