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The Mossberg MVP FLEX: A Truly Flexible Gun [VIDEO]

The Mossberg MVP FLEX is a gun to be reckoned with.

When most of us hear the name Mossberg the first thing that springs to mind is a vision of one of the company’s pump action shotguns.

These pump guns have been the bedrock of the Mossberg line of firearms for decades and hold a very deserved place in the hearts of American shooters.

While shotguns will probably always be the main focus of Mossberg, the company has also been producing a line of bolt action rifles the last few years that are well worth taking a look at.

Mossberg’s bolt guns are everything you might expect from a company that focuses on low cost and high utility in their firearms. In design the Mossberg bolt guns are a kind of blend between the Savage 110 and Remington 700, making use of push feed, two-lug actions with good ergonomics and price tags that the beginning hunter or even the seasoned hand can appreciate.

It might not seem like there is much room for innovation left in the bolt action arena, but Mossberg has come up with a few new twists for its MVP FLEX rifle beyond most of the standard features expected in a modern rifle.

The FLEX incorporates all the little things that the market has come to require from a bolt gun in the last ten years. An adjustable trigger, crowned barrel and synthetic stock are all standard.

What makes the FLEX really interesting is that it also offers a few features not very common to bolt guns. For starters, the FLEX uses AR magazines in either 223 Remington or 308 Winchester.

Next, a Picatinny rail forms the scope mount for the FLEX, allowing for the use of all the various optics available for AR-style rifles.


Finally, the FLEX offers the choice of two types of butt stock: one a standard, straight comb style and the other a pistol grip, AR-style stock. These two stocks can be switched out on a whim with Mossberg’s tool-less locking system.

While it’s not exactly unusual anymore to see bolt guns with AR-style stocks, the FLEX’s ability to quickly switch back and forth between a straight comb and pistol grip stock makes it rather unique.

Check out this video from NorthAmericanHunting‘s YouTube channel for a brief description of the MVP Flex at January’s SHOT Show.

Naturally, the FLEX’s AR stock has an adjustable length of pull that runs between 11¼ and 15 inches. This means that the FLEX can be set up like a youth model or extended for adult-sized shooters.

With a stock that is adjustable for length of pull, one rifle could easily be traded between multiple family members with very little fuss, and might prove to be a real money saver as the kids get bigger.

A rifle like the FLEX has the capability to properly fit a hunter over the entire course of their growth without resorting to the use of a band saw to get things to fit properly.

With an MSRP of $966, the FLEX offers a tremendous amount of utility that will be worth every penny as the years go by.


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The Mossberg MVP FLEX: A Truly Flexible Gun [VIDEO]