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Morel Mushrooms: An Awesome Harvest [VIDEO]

These guys pick more morel mushrooms in one day than many folks get all year!

The comments section reveals that these mushroom hunters are from Missouri, and man, did they ever hit the jackpot.

"There's so many of these," one of the guys says as he lifts three bulging bags of morels.
"Do you need help with those bags?" offers his friend.

Help Yourself to Morel Hunting Success: 10 Tips for Hunting Morel Mushrooms

The morels they find look to all be of impressive size and freshness; real grade 'A' mushrooms.

Most of the video just sees the hunters smiling and laughing at the bonanza they've got. When they empty the bags into the back of a pickup truck it's a mighty impressive and humbling sight to see. If we all could have such luck with morel mushrooms.

This is a great video to watch to psych yourself up for a big day of morel mushroom hunting. Good luck out there!

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Morel Mushrooms: An Awesome Harvest [VIDEO]