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Morel Mushroom Map Tracks Sightings Across the Country

Mushrooms popping up in your neck of the woods? Check out this map and find out.

Check out this really cool map provided by folks over at the Morel website which shows the progression of the morel mushroom growing season across the country. Throughout the spring, fellow mushroom hunters report on mushroom sightings, and locational information is than added to the map on a near daily basis.

By regularly checking in on the map, you can watch as the sightings of morel mushrooms spread from the southeast of the United States, and slowly make their way north, and hopefully to your area.

I start following this map as soon as Morel Hunters begins updating it for the current year. Living in Minnesota, I’ve watched as sightings of the delicious fungi continue to spread north and as of today, morels have started to appear in Wisconsin and northern Iowa. I know it’s only a matter of time before they will be popping up in my home state as well.

The locations provided on the map are based off of the nearest town, not the actual location of the morel, so you can report on your findings without giving away the location of your secret morel honey hole.

Besides providing the yearly Morel Progression map, the Morel Hunters website is a great resource for all your mushroom hunting needs. On the site, mushroom hunters can browse cooking recipes, watch morel mushroom related videos and chat with other fungus aficionados on the Morel Hunters message board.



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Morel Mushroom Map Tracks Sightings Across the Country