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Morel Mushroom Bonanza Dilemma: How to Get Them All?

morel mushroom bonanza

What do you do when your buckets are full and you stumble upon a morel mushroom bonanza? It’s a good problem to have!

A mushroom hunter found himself with a bit of a happy dilemma. He had filled his pails to the brim with big, beautiful blonde morels when he came across a large morel mushroom bonanza.

Everywhere he points the camera there are giant morels. Each the size of his hands. Incredible!

From the brief video he took it looks as though he could easily fill another pail to a pail and a half full of the gorgeous mushrooms.

He takes several steps through the forest and finds even more. The size of the mushrooms is incredible; there appear to be no small ones at all. The forest also looks like to was burned a few years ago, with charred logs lying about. It just goes to show you that previously burned areas can indeed provide good hunting grounds for morels.

He wonders aloud how he’s going to get them all. I suggest using his jacket as a satchel to carry them out. Or make another trip in, depending on how far he is from his vehicle. In any case, it is a happy problem to have. I’m sure he’ll figure it out, and be smiling the whole time.

This bonanza occurred in the province of Alberta, Canada. The season there is a bit later than it is for us in the lower 48. He indicates that all of these massive morels will be available at the St. Albert’s Farmers Market tomorrow…if he can get them all out!

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Morel Mushroom Bonanza Dilemma: How to Get Them All?